8 Signs A Geek Has Too Much Money

Admit it: if you could afford these ridiculously over the top gadgets, you'd buy them in a heartbeat. And if you can afford them... maybe you could buy me one, too?

Leatherman Del Ray Custom-made to order, the Leatherman Del Rey 25th Anniversary multitool is crafted by artist Adrian Pallarols and boasts handles made of 18K gold from the Andes. $US40,000 [Leatherman]

Chrome-Plated PC Our dual–Core 2 Extreme Dream Machine 2008 isn't anything to boast about these days, but its custom chrome-plating remains the height of decadence. $US5000-$US10,000 [Computer Choppers]

Sharp LB-1085 LCD You're looking at 108 inches of 1080p goodness. It comes with three HDMI ports, two component ports and a single DVI input, so you can peel your eyelids back with multiple HD devices. It weighs 195kg, but if you're buying this, you're not lugging your own hardware. $US150,000 [Sharp]

Transmission Audio Ultimate Speaker Systems Imagine if you will, six 2.1m high panels loaded with supertweeter ribbons and subwoofers bundled together with six 500-watt dual-mono amplifiers and a preamp. If your friends object to the price, you can jack up the volume and blow them out the nearest window. $US2 million/set [Transmission Audio]

Xten Pininfarina Office Chair Made by the renowned team that dresses Ferrari interiors, the Pininfarina Xten is maximised for comfort and durability, offering a Dynatec fabric seat and the patented Armtronic system, which adjusts to fit people of all sizes-but only the uppermost economic strata. $US1695 [Xten]

Sony XEL-1 OLED TV This 11-inch display is small, but it gives you the bragging rights of owning a TV based on the long-vaunted OLED technology. Organic light-emitting diodes are reported to improve contrast ratios and offer superior colour quality, including absolute black levels. Couple that with a panel that's 3mm thin, and you've got some big technology in a tiny package. $US2500 [Sony]

Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus Keyboard Every one of this board's 113 keys is embedded with a micro OLED display capable of up to 10fps video, allowing the user to reprogram each of the keys to perform different tasks for different apps. $US2400. [Art Lebedev]

Intelligent Design Emotion Mouse When no luxury is too small, an artfully designed wireless laser mouse hand-crafted from grade 1 titanium and high-quality plastic resin makes sense. $US1200 [Intelligent Design]

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