279 Polaroid Photos Sell For $US7m At Auction

A collection of Polaroid photos auctioned off at Sotheby's by Polaroid themselves (to pay debtors, sadly) made $US7 million in the process, with more photos expected to top $US12 million. Some photos, like this Andy Warhol self-portrait, fetched $US254,500. One photo, three times that.

The priciest photo auctioned off was Ansel Adams' Clearing Winter Storm, shot at Yosemite. One lucky bidder whacked $US722,500 down on the table for that. It's a beautiful photo, shot in 1938, but the mind boggles that a flimsy photograph can cost the same amount as a large house. It broke all estimations for the photo, which was thought to go for between $US300,000 - $US500,000.

Polaroid, whose financial troubles have been catalogued right here on Gizmodo the past few years, is selling 1260 of the 16,000 images that make up the Polaroid Collection, to pay off debts. Sotheby's is slicing off a 10 per cent commission, but those $US12.5 million earnings on the first 279 photos should hopefully go some way to repairing Polaroid's fortunes. [Sothebys via 1001NoisyCameras]

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