Would You Pay $US5 To Upgrade An Old DVD To Blu-ray?

Warner Bros has an interesting program that they've recently expanded a bit - mail in an old DVD movie along with $US5 to swap it for the newer, Blu-ray version. After mulling it over, I think I like the idea.

It's $US5 to upgrade most titles (some run a few bucks more) - titles I really would rather rewatch in HD because, to be honest, all of my SD DVDs have looked a lot less appealing since upgrading the old home theatre system. There are shipping charges and up to a two-month turnaround, but if you exchange seven or more movies, at least the shipping is free.

Only 90 titles are offered at the moment, which, to be fair, surely has at least a touch of correlation with the fact that Warner Bros still doesn't have their entire catalogue released in BD. But premium titles, like the Batman films, are off the table.

I mean, I think the deal is OK. Warner Bros isn't doing charity work here, but they're not completely insulting us, either.

But where I think the deal could be very appealing is if you were to pick up used WB DVDs for a buck or two, then mail them in, scoring yourself a $US7 BD movie rather than spending double that or more.

Now, I'm too lazy to enact such a plan. But maybe you're not.

Either way, how do you feel about the offer? [WB]

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