World's Largest Panorama Shows Dubai Down To Girl In Bikini

At 45 gigapixels, this panorama is the largest in the world. With that detail, it's a Peeping Tom wet dream. It also shows why Dubai seems to have materialised from another dimension. The "We're All F*cking Crazy Here" dimension.

The 45-gigapixel panorama was made on April 23 by Gizmodo's friend Gerald Donovan from the construction site of the Ubora Towers in Business bay, Dubai. It took 4250 images taken with a Canon 7D using 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L zoom at 400mm. He shot under the sun for three hours and 30 minutes with a temperature of 37C in the shade. He says that, at the end of it, "the equipment was almost too hot to touch". [Gigapan]

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