Woman Suing Google Over Directions That Got Her Hit By A Car

I trust Google with a lot of things, but when in doubt I always fall back on good-old common sense. Lauren Rosenberg did not. She walked onto a highway because Google told her to and got hit by a car.

Rosenberg, who apparently takes things very literally, was reading the directions on her Blackberry and thus wasn't privy to the warning that shows up when you access walking directions on a computer:

Walking directions are in beta. Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

Deer Valley Drive, also known as Utah State Route 224, was one such route; following Google's instructions to brave it on foot, Rosenberg was hit by a car and is now suing the company for $US100,000. She probably figures it's a reasonable sum, considering that Google's worth $US1 with a hundred zeroes after it. [Fortune]

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