Wine Bottle Lock Keeps Your Grange Safe

Remember when you were a teenager and you raided your parents wine cellar, drinking one of their most expensive bottles of wine then refilling the bottle with water and a few drops of red dye, and then getting into a LOT of trouble six months later on your parents wedding anniversary when they went to drink that special bottle of wine they'd been saving for a special occasion? No, me neither. But if I were the parent of a teenager, I'd be buying one of these locks to stop such an event from happening.

The $25 wine bottle lock is an expandable cap for pretty much any bottle of alcohol that requires a four digit code to open. If your kid doesn't have the code, they'd need to manually search through 10,000 combinations to find the right one, making it extremely difficult for them to be stealing your booze.

Although they are $25 each, and if you do happen to have a cellar full of wine, it would probably be cheaper to put a code on the cellar door...




    One of the real advantages of this is that it prevents sekf indulgence - if you drink too much of the 'poor stuff' you wont be able to open the 'good stuff'.

    "ah but by the same token the more expensive the wine, the gooderer also..." - black books.

    I don't need to lock my entire cellar. What I need is to protect the open bottle that my roommates have no access to it while the battle of wine stays open in the refrigerator. Great cork lock for the and so far the only one I was able to find on the net.

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