Why Roger Ebert Hates 3D (And You Should Too)

While Avatar was technically impeccable, we have already said that 3D is Hollywood's next big scam. Film critic, Russ Meyer devotee (amen), and overall good guy Roger Ebert agrees. And he provides a definitive list of reasons:

1. It's the waste of a dimension. 2. It adds nothing to the experience. 3. It can be a distraction. 4. It can create nausea and headaches. 5. Have you noticed that 3D seems a little dim? 6. It's an excuse to buy new digital projectors. 7. Cinemas slap on a surcharge of $US5 to $US7.50 for 3D. 8. I cannot imagine a serious drama in 3-D (neither can I). 9. Whenever Hollywood has felt threatened, it has turned to technology to save the day.

I have to agree with him. I see 3D serving a purpose in interactive experiences like gaming or science visualisation, but I hope 3D movies die soon. At least, in its current form.

Read Ebert's crystal clear explanation of each point in his list at [Newsweek]

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