What’s That? You Have An iPad App? *Gasp!*

What’s That? You Have An iPad App? *Gasp!*
 src=My inbox at the moment has a few emails with a similar subject line. They all include a combination of “launching” “iPad” and “app”. Rather than write them up separately, I’m going to list them here in one simple, convenient post, and then delete them from my inbox forever…

Subject line: Fairfax Media Launches Electronic Newspaper Edition Apps For The iPad The Skinny: No price or details, but SMH and Age are coming to iPad.

Subject line: First Australian magazine on iPad The Skinny: The Monthly, a magazine for smart people, has an iPad edition. App is free, issues cost $5 a pop.

Subject line: The Australian’s iPad app launches tomorrow The Skinny: $5 a month for The Australian newspaper on your iPad. It’s still free on the web though…

Subject line: NAB launches iPad app The Skinny: Free app that includes “NAB Internet Banking, an ATM and branch locator and currency exchange rates” Also came with a kind ofscary picture.

Subject line: Borders eBook iPad app launches tomorrow The Skinny: The Borders version of the Kindle (or more precisely Kobo) app for iPad. Free.

Subject line: St.George to launch iPad banking app The Skinny: Another free banking app. Will apparently “offer full functionality of St.George Internet Banking, branch and ATM locators, plus access to video content through the bank’s YouTube channel.” Yay?

Subject line: Domain.com.au ready for Australian iPad launch The Skinny: Not even an app, just a custom formatted version of the site for the iPad. How magical.

There are a few other borderline emails that I’ll leave out for my own sanity. Now – is everyone excited for the iPad yet, or just praying for the hype to be taken out back and shot?