Weekend Gadgets: Kobo And Red Dead Redemption (But Maybe Not In that Order)

Weekend Gadgets: Kobo And <em>Red Dead Redemption</em> (But Maybe Not In that Order)

 title=For the geek in me, there are two things and two things only that will be occupying my weekend: The Kobo eReader and Red Dead Redemption. I think the latter will walk away with the majority of my time though.

I’m trying to work through the Kobo reader. I like it, but from my initial impressions, I still prefer the Kindle (although with the Aussie dollar tanking more every day, my opinion could change).

But as anyone who read my hand on with Rockstar’s latest open world game will know, I’m super excited for this game, and have been for months. I’ll probably spend most of my time in single player, but having played the multiplayer for a while, I’ll probably drop in there as well. If you want to join me, my Xbox Live handle is Lethargic Bruff.

So, what gadgety (or gaming) goodness will be occupying everybody else’s weekend?