Watch Bill Nye Evaluate Citizens’ Oil Spill Solutions

Having once been an oil skimmer himself, Bill Nye knows just as much about oil spills as he does about every other scientific topic. So leave it to him to succinctly and simply explain the challenges of cleaning one up.

CNN recruited the science guy and former Giz contributor to take a look at some viewer-proposed solutions for cleaning up the oil spill and explain how effective they might be. Nye, as he always does, makes the science here easy to understand without dumbing it down, and one of the things he imparts is that while there are many proven methods of cleaning up a spill, very few are scalable to a disaster of this magnitude.

A good deal of my science knowledge comes from watching Bill Nye as a kid, and it’s a pleasure to see him around again to illuminate one of today’s most pressing scientific issues. So anyway, Bill, what’s really the deal with climate change? [BuzzFeed]