Travel Between LA And Vegas Without Fear Or Loathing On The Gambling Train

Now that road safety laws have tightened up since the '70s when Fear and Loathing was published, you'll need to look at alternative transport for your LA-to-Las-Vegas trip if you want to play Hunter S. Thompson while under the influence.

A gambling train? Sure, I think Thompson would improve. There are no bats on trains, after all.

Believe it or not, the X Train is actually going to happen, with the developers boasting of a 2011 launch. It'll use converted railcars, and as the renders show it'll be very red! plush! swirly-swirly! plush! Though apparently one of the photos - the first one in the gallery below - is actually a real-life photo from the Blue Train, in South Africa. Puzzling.

Despite doubts over one of the photos, you've got to admit it's a bloody cool idea. It'll take 5.5 hours to travel between the two cities - with no Tobey Maguire-lookalike hitch-hikers to be found, hopefully. [X Train via Core77 via FastCompany]

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