Transformers Clock Doesn't Fight Crime, Just Tells The Time

Japanese watch purveyors Seahope have come up trumps with a Transformers clock which I'm hoping can actually transform into a watch.

It was built with Takara Tomy's permission, which makes all the Transformers merchandise (often licensing it to Hasbro, where it's re-branded). Kind of like a Tokyo Flash watch stuck in the middle of some flailing metal limbs, if anyone has any information on whether it actually transforms into a watch - please let us know! [Takara Tomy via Technabob]

UPDATE: Reader T.E. Kochendorfer pointed me towards this site which shows last year's models that do actually fold into watches. Amazing. UPDATE 2: Reader Mike remembered owning a Transformers watch back in '82, and found one on eBay.

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