This Is What A Spider Nanobot Really Looks Like

Yesterday we learnt that scientists have created the first nanobot assembly line. The assembly line is "manned" by four spider-like nanocreatures made from DNA strands, with three arms and four legs. That's what you are looking at in this image.

As Annalee pointed out yesterday:

the scientists succeeded in guiding a nanobot to pick up the three gold particles, each held by other bots. It walked up to each bot, grabbed the gold cargo, and moved on to the next bot to do the same thing. [...]You're witnessing the birth of the next industrial revolution - except it's happening at nanoscale, and every single machine is made of DNA.

Let's hope that this does down in history as "the revolution that made all humans healthy and brought peace to the planet" instead of "the revolution that killed 95 per cent of the human population". [Daily Mail via io9]

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