This Is How A Dating Site For Apple-Obsessed People Looks

Remember Cupidtino, the dating website for Apple fanboys and fangirls? It apparently really isn't a joke and the folks behind it decided to prove this by showing me how my dating profile would look once the site launches.

Meg, one of the co-founders of Cupidtino, explained the mission of the site while making my faux profile:

Essentially we're hoping to do to dating sites what the iPhone did for smartphones. We want to create a simple, clean, uncluttered and Apple-esque experience. The profile page will not only show your typical "dating" features, but also highlight your Apple-ness - things like "when did you become a Mac?" and icons for the Apple products you own. We're also thinking about an AppStore like "approval process" for profiles, which will require that your main photo must be posed with an Apple product or in an Apple retail store.

Sounds crazy? Sure, but what's the harm in checking it out once it launches this winter - especially when they've already made me a profile. [Cupidtino]

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