This Boat Is Perfect For Holidays, Living Or Weather Apocalypse

According to the designer, the solar-powered Arkki is the kind of boat you would like to have in case the ice caps melt. He's wrong. It's the kind of boat I would like to have right now.

Apparently designed by Cylons, the trimaran's surface is covered with multilayered solar panels, which power the ship and can bring her up to 8 knots. The hull is made of concrete and reinforced with plastic fibres.

What I like most about Arkki is that it is designed to be a house. And a very large one at that: It has 502m of interior space and a 328m exterior wood deck. It's not as big as the WHY, but it looks much better. So good, in fact, that Sean Connery would like to use it if he was playing Noah himself.* [Janne Leppänen via Tuvie via Bornrich]


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