Thinner Kindle Coming In August; Touch, Colour Still In The Works

According to a report by Bloomberg, Amazon will release a thinner Kindle this August, with a crisper, more responsive screen. But e-ink fans waiting for the full-colour, mulittouch mega-Kindle will have to wait a while longer.

This week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told shareholders that a colour Kindle was still "some ways out", adding, "I've seen some stuff in the laboratory, but it's not quite ready for prime-time production."

Even if the Kindle of our dreams might still be a ways out, these incremental but not insignificant upgrades - better screen, better form factor, etc - serve as a reminder to customers, especially those who aren't convinced they need the bells and whistles of a full-on tablet, that the Kindle and e-ink are far from dead. [Bloomberg]

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