The Reinvention Of The Desktop PC As Art

Desktops are dead! Well, not quite, but the beige boxes so many of us grew up with are, and have long been, on the wane. The next, possibly redemptive step for the desktop PC? Decoration. And why the hell not?

What Jeffrey Stephenson has done here is take a well-known (in some circles) PC case, the flamboyantly bizarre Thermaltake Level 10, and scaled it down, fuzzily, to 25 per cent of its original size. (He calls this one the Level 11.) Plastic becomes wood, black finish become silver, and its various partitions and compartments are reconfigured from something HR Giger could have designed into a compact piece of hand-designed furniture. Wedged inside is a VIA Nano processor and a set of netbook-esque internals; just enough to cut it as an HD media centre box.

And really, that's the kind of role the so-called "desktop" is destined for: It'll sit under our TVs, next to monitors that easily dwarf it, nestled between unsightly network hardware, serving up files to the rest of the house. Today, desktops should blend. [Dvice]

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