The Real Victims Of The iPad: Netbooks, Ebook Readers And... iPods?

Netbook sales aren't as brisk as they used to be, and some are blaming the iPad. Well, Morgan Stanley's released an enlightening chart that pegs the victims of the iPad as, well, just about everything. It just makes people anxious.

Anxious about buying other stuff, that is. The chart's based on a survey of customers who were planning to by an iPad, taken in March. The question? What would you be buying, if not the iPad? In other words, what did the iPad prevent you from buying?

It remains to be seen if actual device sales are affected by Apple's tablet, which could take some time, or simply be impossible to measure, since most of the listed devices, like notebooks and iPods, sell at tremendous volumes - many times higher than the iPad is predicted to reach in the near future.

But if the iPad does continue to sell quickly, and competitive tablets to the same, the categories that'll hurt the most are interesting: Along with netbooks, iPods touch are endangered, as are the PSPs and DSes of the world. Ebook readers are already threatened, but they never sold that well anyway. [Fortune]

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