The Gulf Oil Disaster Video That BP Doesn't Want You To See

Those damn BP liars are making things even worse trying to fix the catastrophe they caused. Their efforts are turning the massive oil flood into giant underwater clouds made of corrosive particles. Here's the underwater video to prove it.

As expected and announced by experts, the chemical dispersants that BP is using - trying to fix the gigantic mess caused by their reckless actions - is not making the oil go away. Instead, it's turning the thick black tide into titanic clouds floating underneath the surface. The clouds are formed by particles made of oil combined with the dispersants. The resulting chemical monster can burn the skin of any human or animal that get in contact with it.

The commander of the International Space Station said that the oil flood looked "very scary" from space. After diving into one of these clouds, Philippe Cousteau - grandson of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau - gets a lot closer to reality: "'This is a nightmare... a nightmare." [Good Morning America]

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