The Future Of Google Chrome Revealed On Lifehacker

The Future Of Google Chrome Revealed On Lifehacker
 src=Gus over at Lifehacker managed to score some one on one time with Google’s Glen Murphy, the lead designer on Google Chrome. If you’ve ever wondered how Chrome will translate to a touchscreen device, you should definitely checkout Glen’s comments around designing the browser for touch:

In response to Gus’s question: “How much attention are you giving to the role of touch as an interface for Chrome OS?”, Glen responded:

We care about it a lot. As geeks and nerds, we’re super-excited by touch. But the thing is that touch still isn’t great on desktop computers. It’s OK on laptops, but the form factor is not quite there yet. Looking at Chrome on a tablet, and we do a lot of exploration there. Chrome on a pure touch device is going to look a little different. Reaching for the top of the screen where your tabs are is a pain, for instance, so tabs have moved around a bit.

You should read the entire interview over on Lifehacker.