Telstra Updates Its Post-Paid Data Plans

Telstra Updates Its Post-Paid Data Plans

 title=Perhaps anticipating some rising resentment over the complete lack of data in their HTC Desire plans, Telstra has rejigged their data allowances for post-paid customers. Huzzah?

Available from today, the plans show small steps in the right direction, but are still obscenely overpriced. $5 will get you 30MB of data (up from 5MB), $10 will get you 200MB, $20 will get you 500MB, $39 will get you 1GB, $49 will get you 3GB, $79 will get you 6GB and $99 will get you 9GB.

They’ve also cut the excess usage fees for each data pack – all plans up to 1GB will cost $0.25 per MB over the included amount, while the 3GB has $0.15 per MB, 6GB has $0.10 per MB and the $99 plan will cost $0.05 per MB when you exceed your quota.

If you were to buy your new handset outright, you might be able to customise your plan to get a decent amount of data AND a decent amount of included calls, but tacking on $39 to a $60 plan doesn’t really make you want to switch to Telstra, no matter how good their network is…