Sony AtracTable Interactive Surface Is Surfacing This June

Microsoft Surface is about to get some competition: the atracTable, developed by Atracsys and bought up by Sony, will be commercially available in June. The 35-inch model will have a full HD screen and smells distinctively like the future.

The atracTable's interface is able to track a user's body movements, which means it's gesture-controllable. Beyond that, though, Sony claims that it will also be able to roughly determine your age, sex and even your emotional state.

The motion input comes courtesy two built-in Sony ISS XCD-V60 cameras. And as with Surface, you'll also be able to interact with objects - be it your mobile phone or merchandise - by placing them on the device. Pricing still hasn't been announced, but I'm excited about seeing these start popping up in stores a few months from now. [Pocket-Lint]

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