Shake Your iPhone To Reveal The Sweetest Words To Whisper In Her Ear

I can't resist whispered sonnets or hastily scribbled limericks, but how many guys actually memorise poems nowadays? At least there are apps like this one to help them fake the knowledge and romance with a quick flick of the wrist.

The Poetry App is put out by the Poetry Foundation and contains a decent selection of classics to suit most moods. You can select themes, search for specific poems, find your favourite poets or simply let the app choose something for you.

To let the app pick a poem, you'll simply shake your iPhone a bit and let it select two moods. It'll then show you a selection of poems to fit the combination. Mind you that this might not be the best route to take when picking out something to whisper to your sweetheart due to the possibility of combining the "Boredom" and "Commitment" themes.

The app's free and available in the iTunes store now. [iTunes via Poetry Foundation]

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