Sausage Stylus Review: A Surprisingly Useful iPad Accessory

This review was typed using two sausages on my iPad.

Wait a Minute! Why Sausages?

Sausage finger puns aside, meat-shaped iPhone and iPad accessories don't exactly seem like the most natural thing. The whole trend supposedly started with a some Koreans who decided to use regular sausages to play games on their iPhones. You see, unlike plastic sticks or other random objects, sausages actually work on capacitive screens - just like your fingers. CaseCrown's styluses give you the weird sausage experience without making your gadgets smell like beef.

You see, these are no ordinary sausages, but rather special sausage styluses that leave no nasty fingerprints or smears on multitouch screens. They may look silly, but they work surprisingly well... though they are not recommended for eating. I didn't bother testing the claim regarding edibility - mostly for my own sake

The Price

CaseCrown sells these simple sausage styluses for $US5 a piece. Keep in mind that you actually need two sausages to properly use multitouch gestures on your iPhone or iPad.

Navigating on the iPad

I expected that using sausages to navigate through iPad menus, browse the internet or draw would be awkward and like using someone else's chubby fingers, but I was pleasantly surprised. The sausages provide a decent level of control and accuracy.

I found no issues using the Autodesk SketchBook Pro app (my non-existent art skills are to blame for the quality of any doodles), reading my news feeds, banning Gizmodo trolls, instant messaging, using the Maps app or similar.

The only time I struggled was while using the iPod app, though this was before I'd sorted out the best angle for using the sausages. The only damage was that I listened to a John Mayer song instead of a Jack Johnson tune.

Typing on the iPad

Typing on an iPad with two sausages is surprisingly fun. Typing with one sausage is hell.

When using two sausages, it almost feels normal to gently beat your screen with meat products - like drumming. While typing speed does suffer in comparison to using ten fingers, accuracy does not. In fact, it feels as if being limited to two input points forced me to pay more attention to what I'm typing and perhaps make fewer errors.

On the other hand, typing with one single sausage was a mess. It was slow, I made typo after typo, and angry red squiggles appeared under nearly every word. The backspace key and I became best pals.

The Verdict

These sausage styluses make you look a bit silly in public, but they spare your screen from greasy fingerprints and are great if you're wearing gloves. Sure, there are alternatives that look more serious, but where's the fun in that?

Reasonably priced at five bucks a pop

Leave no fingerprints on your screen

Nice conversation item or ice breaker

Far more fun to use than a plain ol' pen-shaped stylus

Your pet or child might try to eat them

You might feel shy or silly using them in public


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