Saturator AK47 Water Gun Uses Clips Of Water To Keep You Loaded

The problem with most water guns is that once your tank runs dry, you're helpless until you can make it to a tap. No so with the Saturator AK47! It uses clips of water to ensure you're always full. Brilliant.


    That has some terrible range, even for a water gun. My old Super Soaker 100 was much better in that regard.

    Still, awesome idea.

    "clips" sounds painful

    I'm curious if extra magazines are available... idea seems useless with only one. a month back there was a deal to buy one gun and two extra mags, but now they seem to be gone...

    Dear god. Without TV, I forgot how awful Aussie voiceovers on ads can be. This has all brought it hauntingly back to me. Doors doors doors!

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's a Kiwi voice over. They have never aired that ad or stocked that product here in AUS. Just another example of our over protective laws and another reason for me to head to NZ.

    Well that will be banned in Australia.

    A child here in WA was playing with a plastic shotgun out the front of his house. The neighbours were concered and rang the cops. 45 minutes later the TRG (Tactical Response Group [Australias SWAT]) rocked up smashed in the front door and took away the 'weapon'.

    The Perth royal show now does not offer fake plastic guns as a prize anymore.

    I hate this country

      Thats why all toy guns have orange caps on the end. It's a pretty sensible law when you think about it, the kid with the shotgun obviously took it off, or else there wouldn't have been this overreaction.

      They are available in AU. No arrests, cops or swat team have arrived yet.

    Wow. Do I see a Today Tonight / ACA story on the horizon?

    The fact that they're named after actual firearms is probably the worst part LoL.

    There's something wrong with a society that advocates the use of guns by children... even if they are water guns (hell one of them is an AK-47 water gun)...

      Yet any tool be it a gun, a car or even a saw if taught how to use responsibly for there intended purpose even from a young age makes people more able as they get older. Guns were built for the purpose killing in defense of one self or ones country and then also for hunting. Because of the minority who use them for the wrong reason does not mean we should not teach the next generation to use them for the right ones. I started shooting when I was 8 yrs old for rabbits I still haven't killed anyone yet.

      There is something wrong with society when people act irrational over children's toys.

    Hell yes! Want one badly.

      Surf over to us then.Just arrived.

    i don't care these things are awesome they should really start using this method but make them stronger. how much are they I fricken want one.

    loved these in the 80s. the rat was awesome

    are this here in nz?! where do i buy them?

    Bought this gun from Rebel Sport in AU. It's rubbish. Weak water spurts, runs out quickly and the batteries are starting to rust after a few days..... Save your money!

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