Samsung Behold II Owners May Sue Over Android 2.0 Snub

Samsung Behold II Owners May Sue Over Android 2.0 Snub

In November of 2009, Samsung put a video up on YouTube that didn’t promise the moon – it just promised Android 2.0 for Behold II owners. But now that Samsung’s reneged, it looks like it’s time to lawyer up.

While Google continues to roll out Android updates – they’re all the way up to 2.2 – the Behold II has been stuck on 1.5 since the phone’s release. And according to Samsung technical support, it’ll stay stuck there forever:

“Dear Matthew,
Thank you for your inquiry. The SGH-T939 will never qualify for the Android 2X update.

Your continued interest in Samsung products is appreciated.


Technical Support”

More daunting than any potential legal action – which at this point is limited to a sad online petition asking for a refund, update or replacement – is the persistent problem of Android fragmentation that the Behold II’s woes bring into sharp relief.

Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin spoke with Matt about that exact problem last week, although unfortunately there don’t seem to be any ready answers on the horizon. Other, maybe, than not buying such a hideous phone to begin with. [Android Headlines via Engadget]