Samsung: 3D Glasses Compatible With Other TVs When Worn Upside Down

The incompatibility of glasses from 3DTV manufacturers has already led many of us to believe 3DTV is just a passing phase, but now that Samsung's let slip that they should work if worn upside down might just save it.

As demonstrated by the man in the above photo (disclosure: he's my fiancé), this little trick will make you look even more foolish than before. It was revealed during a demonstration of Samsung's 3DTVs in the UK, with R&D chief Simon Lee using a Panasonic 3DTV to explain the compatibility to Home Cinema Choice.

"I think that it's likely that the different manufacturers will come together, possibly as early as next year, to agree a common standard for Active Shutter glasses," Lee said - which won't thrill the early adopters who've already taken advantage of Samsung and Panasonic's quick production-line-to-store-shelves moves.

The trick will only work on sets that use Active Shutter glasses, and so far, Home Cinema Choice has only tried it out with Samsung and Panasonic's sets. [Home Cinema Choice]


    really? the glasses aren't compatible with other tvs? fail! what a rip-off.

      That's common across all the manufacturers - glasses only work with that company's TVs.

    That's pretty bloody arbitrary. why isn't there just a setting to off-put the refresh rate to correct for this?

    I'm pretty sure flipping the active glasses upside down is only reversing the the fields, and doesn't do much else than that. This would then mean that the Panasonic tvs are just running a LR shutter, rather than a RL. You should be able to adjust the fields in the Panasonic tv's 3d options, as you can do it on the Samsung's

    Just a thought.

    I just bought a Samsung 3D tv after watching a demo in the store. To my surprise the Panasonic set next to the Samsung worked perfectly with the Samsung glasses in 3d. No turning the glasses unside down..they were both showing the same 3d movie and they were completely compatible and in sync. I wonder if the Sony sets will work with the Samsung glasses?

    Amazing that they didn't let the glasses be compatible with other manufacturer. I've got a sony and samsung tv. i don't want to buy glasses for each manufacturer.

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