Question Of The Day: Does Froyo Make You Want To Get An Android Phone?

Since new iPhones have come out every summer for the past few years, June and July is a time when many, many cell contracts expire. Do Google's new Android OS features make you want to switch to their team?

Speaking as an iPhone 3G user not entirely in love with AT&T or Apple these days, Android is looking like a more and more attractive option. There are still a lot of issues holding me back from making the switch, however. I don't want to have to pay for apps I've already bought twice, for example, and switching platforms will make me do that. And I'm sort of trapped to Apple's ecosystem to a certain point with stuff like the Remote app controlling iTunes streaming to my stereo connected to an Airport Express.

Those are certainly not insurmountable issues, however. And depending on the specs of the upcoming iPhone and any new Android phones that drop in the next couple of months, a switch may be in the cards.

What about you? Have you already switched from iPhone to Android? Always been on Android? Won't consider it? Thinking of going from Android to iPhone? Let's hear it.

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