Pioneer Computers Has A 10-Inch Netbook For $199

Pioneer Computers Has A 10-Inch Netbook For $199

 title=If anybody’s seen a cheaper netbook than this, let me know. Pioneer computers is selling their new 10-inch E10 netbook for an RRP of $199. Holy crap that’s cheap!

Make no mistake, this thing isn’t exactly overwhelming in the specs department. It’s running a VIA-8505 processor, only has 128MB of RAM, comes with either 2GB or 4GB of flash memory and only supports 802.11b/g wireless (although it does have ethernet, an SD card slot and two USB slots).

According to the ordering page, it runs Windows CE (who knew that was still around?)

But if you want a truly basic, barebones laptop, this could well be the cheapest option out there.

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