Panasonic Continues To Ride The Avatar Dragon With Blu-ray Bonus

Panasonic Continues To Ride The <em>Avatar</em> Dragon With Blu-ray Bonus

 title=With a major sporting event just around the corner, of course all the TV manufacturers want to entice you to upgrade your telly. But Panasonic has opted to stick with its Avatar partnership rather than pursuing the 3D or sporty bonus packs, offering a copy of the film in Blu-ray with either a Blu-ray player or Blu-ray home theatre, depending on the TV model.

The bonus promotion starts on May 22, and will run until July 11.Depending on which model of Panasonic TV you buy, you’ll become eligible to redeem either the SC-BT230 Blu-ray home theatre system or the DMP-BD65 Blu-ray player, with both throwing in a copy of (2D) Avatar on Blu-ray.

It’s probably the least enticing of the bonus offers around at the moment, but you simply can’t complain about something for nothing. You just can’t.

[Panasonic (Page not live until May 22)]