Pakistani Man Arrested After Massage Slipper Shoe Bomb Scare

Faiz Mohammad, a Pakistani man, was arrested yesterday at the Jinnah International Airport after a scanner showed that his shoes had AC plugs, on/off switches and soles wired with batteries and circuitry. Turns out the guy just had sore feet.

Mohammad said that he bought the shoes - which, admittedly, look pretty suspect - at a market and wasn't even aware that he was walking around on all those electronics. Normally, discovering that your shoes are in fact massage shoes would be a pleasant surprise. Not so much the case here.

But you can't blame the Jinnah airport security for being careful - four people who reportedly had links with Jaish-e-Mohammed, a militant al-Qaida affiliate, were recently detained there in connection with last week's failed Times Square bombing. Sky Mall is yet to comment on the incident, though they can't be happy about the dark shadow this will cast on things that are also massage things. [Daily Mail]

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