Nvidia's Fermi Graphics Card Roadmap: When You Can Melt Your Eyeballs For Cheaper

Nvidia's Fermi-based GeForce GTX 480 might be the fastest GPU in the world, but it's five hundred dollars. So, you might be more interested in their actually affordable variants, coming out later in winter, which are $US300 and $US100.

DigiTimes says the mainstream GF106 and entry-level GF108-based graphics cards will hit around July and August for $US180 and $US100, respectively, after the GF104-based GeForce GTX 460 in June, which'll be about $US300. (The monster GeForce 480 is based on the GF100, if you're trying to keep codenames straight.) The question, really, is how they hold up in benchmarks, compared to their more expensive and nuclear counterparts - or maybe more importantly, whatever ATI's got up their sleeve for the winter. [Digitimes]

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