Microsoft's Official Humour Guide: Funny Because It's Real

The company that brought you the comedy gold of Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates gabbing about footwear has solved humour forever; the end. Meet Microsoft's education competency guide to humour, and please remember to tip your waitress:

Remember, guys, humour is a process, and can't be too over-thought. If you're looking to improve your humour proficiency, here are the questions you should be asking yourself "on a regular basis":

• When faced with a potentially difficult situation, is there a way that humour could help? Could lead to a better outcome?

• Am I funnier than I think I am? Less funny? Who will give me an honest assessment of my sense of humour?

• Could I start my next meeting, presentation, or conversation by telling a funny story?

And it just gets better from there. Microsoft's take on the comedy truism that timing is everything?

• Timing. There is a time for everything and sometimes humour is not appropriate. Since you are reading this because you or others don't think you are good at using humour, the best technique is to follow the lead of others.

Like many skills, it's often easiest to learn by example. The comedy pros Microsoft suggests you take tips from?

• ...clergy, friends, spouses, or community leaders are also good sources for potential models.

And it goes on. Please, everyone, read this immediately. It may not make you funnier, but it'll definitely make you laugh. [Microsoft via Geekosystem via Hacker News]

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