Listless Wikimedia "In Chaos" Following Co-founder Jimmy Wales Resignation

Wikimedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has abruptly stepped down following a controversial porn purge that saw Wales himself single-handedly deleting questionable content from his company's servers.

The purge was the result of a FOX News investigation started in April that discovered a large amount of pornographic material on Wikimedia's servers. When FOX News asked Wikimedia donors how they felt about this, the questions started rolling in and the offending imagery started going away.

Therein lies the issue: Many editors in the organization's "inner circle" disagreed with the way Wales handled the pornography deletions—some did not see the content as objectionable at all, while others appaently argued the deletions went against the organization's inherent openness.

In any event, Wales has relinquished administrative rights, but will remain a board member. The resignation, according to an unnamed source, has sent Wikimedia "into chaos" with no one at the wheel. [Venture Beat, Neowin]

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