LG 3DTVs, Xbox 360s Sold Together In South Korea For 3D Gaming

Thanks to LG's Flickr, we now know that 3D gaming on the Xbox 360 is possible - with LG 3DTVs, at least. The details are sketchy due to the translation, but it appears they'll be sold together in South Korea.

The Flickr account, after translation, says that LG and Microsoft Korea have entered a "strategic partnership" to bundle the Xbox 360 and LG's LX9500 (which will come in 47- and 55-inch sizes when it goes on sale this May/June) 3DTV model together. In South Korea, more than 1000 stores will apparently launch 3D gaming areas showing LG 3DTVs and Xbox 360 gaming, with the initiative being rolled out to Asia-Pacific regions. No word on whether the Western world will see any love from LG and Xbox 360, sadly. [LG Flickr via Engadget via Kotaku]

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