Japan Plans $US2 Billion Robot Moon Base For 2020

The year 2020 on Earth: American Idol has replaced the Executive Branch of the US government and everyone's arguing about whether to say "twenty-twenty" or "two thousand and twenty". The year 2020 on the Moon: BIG F-IN' ROBOT PARTY.

Joining the NASA robots who will be putting the finishing touches on their own Moon base, and the Russian bots who will be working theirs, the Japanese government has announced its intention to complete a $US2.2 billion robot-built Moon base by the year 2020.

The country has already set the ambitious goal of putting robots on the Moon by 2015, and it's only natural that they should have a place to hang out while they're up there. The solar-powered base will be constructed by 660-pound robots on the satellite's south pole, and it'll serve as a central station for all manner of robot-conducted Moon experiments.

Hopefully by then the robots will be sentient enough to evaluate important experimental inquiry 1A: How TOTALLY AWESOME is it to be living on the MOON??? If not, I'll gladly volunteer to leave the Idoldome and go check it out myself. [CNET]

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