InstantAction Lets You Embed Games Like A YouTube Video

Want to play The Secret of Monkey Island right here, right now? On Giz? Now you can, thanks to the guys at InstantAction, who have created a platform to embed video games like YouTube videos.

The Secret of Monkey Island:SE powered by InstantAction

At the moment, it’s PC only, although it does work across IE, Firefox and Chrome. InstantAction say that Mac support is coming soon – although considering it’s all done in browser I’m not sure why there’s no Mac support right off the bat. Their website also promises support for mobile devices, which could completely change the way we play games online.

But the truly great thing about this platform is that it completely changes the ability to share cool games online. The Monkey Island demo embedded here offers 20 minutes worth of gameplay, with the option to purchase a license to play more available at the bottom of the screen. All the gameplay is done in the browser, so there’s no need to download any extra software either.

Not only ware games embeddable to blogs and forums, but there’s also support for social network sites like Facebook. It’s still early days at the moment, so the only game available is Monkey Island (although indie hit Braid is coming too), but this is an awesome development for gaming on the PC.

[InstantAction via Kotaku]