Inside The NYPD's Spycam Nerve Centre

When Faisal Shahzad left his bomb-loaded car parked in Times Square, every step of his escape route through Manhattan was caught by both police and private spycams. If they're the NYPD's eyes, this room is its central nervous system.

The brief look at the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative's surveillance HQ offered to 60 Minutes last night shows a futuristic setup - with some notable limitations. While eventually 3000 cameras will pump information onto the Jumbotron of justice, there are currently only a few hundred operational. Compare that with 500,000 in London, and you see how much ground we have to make up.

Still, it's a star - albeit one with obvious built-in privacy concerns. But at least last week, Justice League-worthy setup helped nab the bad guy. [Wired]

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