Hurt Locker Producers File 5000 Lawsuits Against Downloaders

<em>Hurt Locker</em> Producers File 5000 Lawsuits Against Downloaders

This has been some time coming, but today it’s official: the producers of The Hurt Locker have filed suit against 5000 people for illegally downloading their movie. Read the full complaint after the jump:

dcd-04502992578 – The suit from Voltage Pictures asks that defendants destroy all P2P copies of The Hurt Locker and to pay unspecified damages as well as Voltage’s legal fees.

The number of suits is far fewer than the tens – or even hundreds – of thousands that were expected, although there could always be more to follow. The number expected to go to court, of course, is far fewer: Voltage will likely offer all of these people exorbitant settlement offers, and they’ll likely take them. [TechDirt]