Google TV Not Launching Internationally Until 2011

Google TV Not Launching Internationally Until 2011
Lifehacker’s Gus is over at Google’s I/O at the moment, and in a piece for APCMag he explains that Google has confirmed that their Google TV offering won’t be coming to International markets until 2011.

According to APC, Google’s Rishi Chandra is quoted as saying,

“We are launching Fall 2010 in the US only. Next year, we’ll be going to international markets. We haven’t yet announced those markets, but we will be going internationally. The reality is the opportunity is global. This is not a US-only opportunity.”

Gus also speculates – quite accurately – that we’ll probably have to wait until the full Google TV SDK is released so it can integrate with the VOD services from the free to air networks like Yahoo!7 Plus, Ninemsn FIXplay and iView.

One word for this development: Bugger.

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