Google Pac-Man Might've Cost Us $US120,483,800

Last week, the Google logo was turned into a game of Pac-Man and we all took breaks to play. In theory, we wasted a combined 4,819,352 hours and many, many dollars. Here's the maths.

The Rescue Time Blog made these calculations based on observations and assumptions about the Google audience:

This weekend, we took a hard look at Pac-Man D-Day and compared it with previous Fridays (before and after Google's recent redesign) and found some noticeable differences. We took a random subset of our users (about 11,000 people spending about 3 million seconds on Google that day) The average user spent 36 seconds MORE on on Friday. [...]

If we take Wolfram Alpha at its word, Google had about 504,703,000 unique visitors on May 23. If we assume that our userbase is representative, that means:

  • Google Pac-Man consumed 4,819,352 hours of time (beyond the 33.6 million daily man hours of attention that Google Search gets in a given day)
  • $US120,483,800 is the dollar tally, If the average Google user has a COST of $US25/hr (note that cost is 1.3 – 2.0 X pay rate).
  • For that same cost, you could hire all 19,835 google employees, from Larry and Sergey down to their cleaners and get six weeks of their time. Imagine what you could build with that army of man power.
  • $US298,803,988 is the dollar tally if all of the Pac-Man players had an approximate cost of the average Google employee.

Of course all these numbers are assuming that the time we spent playing Google Pac-Man would've been spent in some sort of productive manner in the first place. [Rescue Time via Slashdot]

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