Give Yourself Rock Hard Abs Of iPad With iClothing

Forget the gym. Why would you want to spend hours and hours doing stomach crunches for rock-hard abs when you can just buy a T-shirt with a pouch for an iPad? That way, the next time someone goes to punch you in the gut, your Apple tablet will save you from being winded.

Made by Aussie designers iClothing, the iTee is a T-shirt (available in black or white) with a padded pouch for your iPad. If you're of the more feminine variety of humanity, you may also be interested in the iDress, a little black dress with an iPad pouch.

The iTee will set you back $45, while the iDress will cost $90. Mind you, the bigger question is why you'd want to carry around an iPad in your clothes with you when human engineering has so cleverly invented the "murse"...



    Dead set the stupidest thing I've seen since the Snuggie!!!!

    "murse"!?! it's called a satchel!, Indiana Jones has one!

    The saddest part is the iDress is all sold out! What happened to fashion sense ladies? If I see one of these on Friday I am going to cry.

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