Getta Load Of 'Em Ports!

To get the bad news over with first: this is just a concept. Put down your Visa card. Freescale's been exploring the various shapes and uses tablets could take over the years, with this smartbook concept being ideal for DJs.

It's shown with a dock, which has all the audio ports one could possibly dream of for something so portable. Then, taking the tablet out of the dock would allow for a lighter media experience when on the train, for example.

This smartbook concept comes after work with the Savannah College of Art and Design, and follows several other designs - including this one which has integrated joysticks and a qwerty keyboard. In regards to actual tablets that Freescale has any hope of producing, well - it's not looking good. While the specs look great on paper for their $US199 tablet, during our hands-on at CES we were left wanting a lot, lot more. [Freescale via SlashGear]

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