GeForce GTX 480M Brings Fermi Goodness To Laptops This June

The crazy power requirements demanded by the Nvidia GTX 480 would seem to imply it's relegated to desktop land and yet, this rumour exists: A version of this beastly minotaur graphics card could be headed to notebooks in June.

We know this because Eurocom jumped the gun and listed a GeForce GTX 480M option on their website this week.

While specifics remain light, and this is technically unconfirmed, we can nevertheless glean a few details from the listing. Mainly, power requirements will still be high, in line with the card's existing reputation, and that the card is an option only for the larger 17- and 18.4-inch "desktop replacements" Cheetah, Panther and Leopard (which makes sense).

Again, release - according to Eurocom - is about a month away.

Editor's Note: Pictured is the The $US500 GeForce GTX 480 and $US350 GeForce GTX 470, available as of April 12. [Eurocom via Engadget]

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