Foxtel Coming To Xbox Live Q4 This Year

The battle for VOD supremacy on your gaming console just took things up a level, with Foxtel and Microsoft announcing that a special internet version of Foxtel will be available for Gold Xbox Live customers some time in Q4 this year.

At launch, the service will include at least 30 channels, including Fox Sports, ESPN, Discovery, Nickelodeon and Sky News. Pricing is still to be announced, but Foxtel CEO Kim Williams promised at the announcement that the service would be affordable. He also added that current Foxtel customers with multiroom can add the use the Xbox service for no additional cost.

The service, which is based upon the same service offered in the UK on Xboxes from BSkyB, will allow users to watch live linear channels, catchup TV, and other Video on Demand content. At launch, all the content will be offered in standard definition, but they'll definitely be rolling out HD content, as well as some technical improvements as time goes on.

The service will only be available for people in regions that are currently serviced by Foxtel, which is a bit of a shame for rural Australians and Austar customers. The Foxtel agreement is also exclusive to Xbox (for the time being, at least), meaning you're not going to see the same service on your PS3 any time soon.

Of course, the big issue with a service like this is data allowances on broadband plans. Foxtel's Williams did mention however that two ISPs have indicated to him that this is the kind of service they would likely include in their unmetered offerings, although he refused to comment which ISPs they would be.

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    If it's unmetered, and you have the flexibility to pick and choose specific channels than that'd be great. I don't see much point in paying for Foxtel when all I want is 2 channels.

    Was looking at this on the Ausgamers site, and they mentioned that you'll need Live GOLD to access this.

    At the end of the day, i can't get cable anything, so Cable TV via Broadband's not so bad, and at $100ish per yeah for GOLD, i'll have an excuse to buy it.

    I dont play the 360 enuf to justify it.

    meh, it better be cheap. with all the ads on foxtel I wonder why they have to charge anything at all...

      They do charge because they can.

    I got all excited - then I read that Austar customers would not be included. And they wonder why people pirate movies and TV. They would have got a new Austar customer if they rolled this out in my area.

      Also if it is acroos the internet, how does region affect this? I understand Austar not wanting Foxtel in their area, but unless Austar is offering the same service, they aren't losing anything. It's not like I'm in any hurry to get Austar.

    Is it just me or do all Microsoft and Sony care about is what the other guy is doing. Motion controlls, VOD and 3d are classic examples. All just trying to increase market share or expand the market.

    How about doing what the existing customer wants and improve the half baked crap they've already paid for (hello PlayTV). Do they ever bother to check or ask for their customer thoughts because it appears to me they're both too busy rushing to release press releases rather than make their current crap work any better.

    I am guessing the broadband company will be iinet.

    They seem way ahead of the curve.

    So how much of the country will miss out on this in the Austar zones lol
    Microsoft are getting as dumb as Sony, its a gaming console

      Very narrow minded view of your console there. I love the idea of bringing VOD to my TV via my console. Just need to sort out data caps...

    This service will be very useless to many people, including myself, if its gonna add to my download limit.

    Exact reason why I dont use the video marketplace.

    I'd say that iiNet would be one of the providers, seeing as they already offer XBox LIVE unmetered.

    One thing I want to know, how will they stop regional customers from accessing it? It's not like they'll know your actual address when you access IPTV.

    If an ISP offers unmetered Foxtel streaming with half decent data caps for my 'extracurricular activities', I'll happily switch over from Exetel in time for next years Super15 on Fox Sports.

    Note to self: must buy Xbox 360 too.

    When is q4

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