Foxtel Beating Channel Nine To 'First In Australia' 3D Broadcast Bragging Rights

Remember when Foxtel said that they'd be launching 3D trials in 2011? Turns out they were just lulling the free-to-air networks into a false sense of security, only to slap them in the face this month by claiming "first" Australian 3D TV broadcast. You see, Foxtel are planning on broadcasting the Australia vs New Zealand Socceroos friendly on May 24 in 3D, two days before the first State of Origin match.

Foxtel will be broadcasting the match next Monday night on a new channel called Fox Sports 3D, which will be available to iQ2 subscribers and Austar MyStarHD customers. The match will also be broadcast on Fox Sports 3 and Fox Sports 3 HD.

The match will be filmed using the same Sony 3D equipment being used for the World Cup, which means that it should be a pretty good look at what owners of 3D capable TVs can expect for quality of content next month.

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