Foursquare Mayors Of Starbucks Can Now Get Discounts

Starting today, Foursquare Mayors of Starbucks in the US can cash in their hard-earned virtual reputation in the form of a $US1 coupon. Frappucinos may taste awful but slightly cheaper Frappucinos should be drunk proudly.

A dollar off a frapp ain't much but given the vast empire that is Starbucks, this precedent will likely develop into more partnerships with real benefits for Foursquare users. Foursquare has toiled in virtual trophies and awards before but nothing excites people more than real savings. So $US1 off today can lead to free doughnuts at Dunkin' tomorrow and free nights at The Standard in a year. Or something like that. The Foursquare Mayor $US1-off deal is a one-time use coupon available until 6/28. Be prepared to defend your mayorship. [Mashable]

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