Five Solar Stadiums To Be Built In Qatar For 2022 FIFA World Cup

The Middle-Eastern state of Qatar is so keen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, they're building five solar stadiums to woo organisers. Each stadium looks stunning, but the fact they take advantage of the country's sunshine is even better.

While it'll remain hot outside the stadiums, inside the temperature will be cooled to below 28C, which will apparently give Qatar the honour of having hosted the first cooled outdoor sports event.

Check out the proposed design of each of the five stadiums below, all of which will be dismantled after the world cup and sent to nearby countries to encourage people to take up football. 10 other nations are competing against Qatar to host the world cup in 12 years' time, with the winning bidder being announced this December. [World Architecture News via Luxury Launches via Lux-Stuff]


    well there goes Australias hopes!
    what can we try?

    Ayres rock will be carved out and fitted with a football pitch... to make the OZ world cup the host of the oldest stadium in history? :|

    we could reopen vic park and show them the true glory of australian technology and hospitality.

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