Finally, An Android App For Hipstamatic-Style Photo Filters

Many a-time have I moaned about the lack of photo-altering apps available for Android. The iPhone has Hipstamatic and Swankolab - it can't be too hard to create similar apps for Android, can it developers? Enter FxCamera.

It's free (a nice reward for Android users who had to wait this long), and creates lomo-esque photo effects on your snaps. Recombu tested the app and came up trumps with some cool effects from the various filters. ToyCam (takes photos with a nice level of vignetting and washed-out colours), Polandroid (replicates Polaroid-style photos), Fisheye (actually turns your photos into something resembling a fisheye lens product), SymmetriCam (like fooling around the the symmetrical button on Photo Booth), Andy Warholizer (mimics Warhol's pop art style), and even a normal mode for basic sepia, negative and solar photo washes.

After you've perfected a suitably hipster profile picture for yourself, you can upload it to Facebook, Twitter Flickr or Picasa. [Recombu]

UPDATE: Apparently this app isn't quite as new as I thought (we even included it on a mass round-up of the best Android apps), but as an Android user I hadn't heard of it - so chances are you haven't either.

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