DVDs Could Hold 1000X Capacity Of Blu-rays With New Research

While we're waiting for the Blu-ray Disc Association to upgrade discs to 128GB capacity, Japanese scientists have found a way to increase DVD capacity by 1000 times - using just a slick of metal material over each disc.

According to Shin-ichy Ohkoshi, the chemistry professor at the University of Tokyo leading the project, painting a variant of titanium oxide onto a DVD will conduct electricity when put under light, but when taken away from light it turns back into black metal.

Although it's unlikely to hit the market& - at least, not anytime before the BDA launches those new discs - the Japanese team's claims of the DVDs holding 1000 more data than a Blu-ray certainly are impressive.

Blu-rays hold about five times the data of DVDs currently (25GB per single-layered disc and 50GB for dual-layered discs, compared to 4.7GB for single-layered DVDs or 8.5GB for double-layered), and despite millions each year buying a Blu-ray player, plenty more still own DVD players and have no plans to upgrade. [PhysOrg]

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    Sony must be pissed hearing this :D

    You can almost hear the Playstation fanboys crying out over this.

      PS3's play DVD's dood.
      OMG I just outed myself as a PS3 fanboy. I hope my parents still love me.

    It's been done, and failed before.
    Remember this thing? :

    Claiming to be able to fit around 40GB on a normal DVD. It actually did work, yet it never took off, at least not in the western world. It is however very popular in Bollywood and Asian Cinema.

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